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How to wrap your presents

Date:2015-06-10 16:16source:www.giftboxpacking.comwriter:watson

When we were kids in Dublin, my adolescent sisters and I acclimated to accept fun wrapping up our presents. I was actual careful about how to do it even aback then.

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We’d aggregate abandoned cereal, teabag and cracker boxes and put the ability in them afore we did our wrapping, as it’s consistently easier to blanket a box.

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I try to use recyclable wrapping cardboard and minimise tape. I’m aswell agog on washi tape, which is printed with patterns and comes in altered widths.

Here’s my adjustment for the absolute captivated present:

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1 If you are reusing your paper, adamant it. If the cardboard has a pattern, use the architecture as a adviser to cut along. If your present is bendable or odd-shaped, put it in a box. Lay the present upside down on the paper.

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All illustrations: Son of Alan

2 Ensure you accept abundant cardboard to fit about the present lengthways. Blanket the cardboard deeply about the present widthways, and affix with tape. Again cut the cardboard at the two beneath abandon so that it measures to just beneath the abyss of the present, and no more. That’s the secret: if you accept too abundant cardboard you get chapped sides. gift box

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3 Bend in the two adverse abbreviate abandon so that they are absolutely collapsed adjoin the present. Then, if you bend in anniversary of the four askew corners, there will be no lumps. It looks like origami if you do it properly.

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4 Keeping the cardboard as bland as possible, cull the best flaps up and fix with tape. Turn it over, and you accept a altogether captivated present. gift box

How to blanket a present: 4

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How to blanket a present: 4. Photograph: Guardian

5 Time to decorate. If I blanket something in amber paper, I add a “belly band” annular the middle. Cut a attenuated band of wrapping paper, blanket it deeply about the present and fix with tape.

How to blanket a present: 5

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How to blanket a present: 5. Photograph: Guardian

6 I am actual careful about bows getting altogether horizontal. The abstruse is to bend the award the adverse way to the one you anticipate is correct. If I tie a bow anticlockwise, which feels right, it consistently ends up wonky.

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