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Hongkong professional giftbox manufacturer

Date:2015-03-09 19:15source:www.giftboxpacking.comwriter:watson

Watson Printing&Packaging CO,. is  a wide range of gift boxes that can be customized in various designs and sizes, including gable, frame view, roll end tray, sleeve, pillow, and hexagon with ribbon styles.

Gift boxes – Another fantastic way to promote your products

Businesses can take advantage of the gift boxes to effectively present your gifts to customers in special events or holidays, such as Christmas, trade shows, ceremonies and etc.. Custom gift boxes are a useful approach for events marketing, they are durable, perfect for giving to your most discerning clients. In addition, gift boxes can represent your brand in whatever manner you prefer, you can have a small logo in the corner or a repeating pattern over the entire box. Gift boxes are often what customers want to be able to present to others so they must look perfect, professional, and of the highest quality.

Eco-friendly Printed Boxes

All the gift boxes are made from partial recycled
cardboard and can be recycled  after use. We emboss the recycled emblem on every box we make to inform the public that our retailers care about the environment. These gift boxes are much more environmentally friendly than wrapping and tissue papers.

Sample gift boxes are showing below, for more information on gift boxes or other custom boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us and request to get a FREE QUOTE!

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