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Occupy the wine market by taking advantage of wine boxes

Date:2014-07-04 11:50source:www.giftboxpacking.comwriter:watson

  As there are more and more wine brands in the market, how to occupy the higher range of wine sales market becomes the most important issue. According to our more than 10 years experience, a beautiful handmade wine box can increase wine sales greatly and help the wine brands occupy the market better. Concerning from consumption psychology, how to make the wine boxes have more visual impact is a problem worth considering. Here are some suggestions to the enterprises.

  Firstly, the wine box design should have its own style and design, instead of the traditional packaging box. The feature should be more creative shapes such as drums and the ones that have handle. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity, the paper wine boxes are usually designed for one or two bottle(s) . To catch more attentions, the wine box should represent the brands class. Most packaging boxes use golden or silver stamping treatment to show their difference.

      Second, the material of wine boxes is also very important. Corrugated cardboard is considered to be the best material that meets the requirements of environmental protection.

  Finally, choose a reliable and fixed wine boxes supplier. It can well ensure your wine sales if you have a reliable supplier when on some traditional festivals. You can save many times to comunicate and trust our capacity.


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